The basic jobs of our company were the jobs of cutting, bending and welding, which we are especially proud of and which we increase every day.

Our certificates guarantee you quality and our clients will confirm the same.

For cutting we use:


  • FIBER LASER 2kw with table 1500×3000 Carbon steels up to 14 mm thick (cutting speed m / min = 0.8) Stainless steel up to 6 mm thick (cutting speed m / min = 2.8)
  • WATERJET 1500×3000 (Water cutting) Cutting that guarantees high precision for thicknesses up to 80 mm and cuts all other materials except steel (aluminum, bronze, plastic, rubber ..)
  • PLASMA CUTTING 2000×6000 Cutting with higher cut tolerance for black steels

We are able to offer REL, CO2, MIG / MAG and Tig welding procedures, welding testing in an authorized laboratory and machining of assemblies that we have offered.

We also offer cutting services according to your request!